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About Daryafi

The Problem Having studied various published research papers, we were appalled by the reasons of divorces in the Islamic community. More than 75% of the reasons had a direct bearing on some kind of misinformation that had been provided from the other side.

In the world of misinformation and forgery, truth as such, as per experience, sits strong in the clutter. We took it as our mission to separate hard, measurable facts from the disputable claims from parents of the future to not make decisions whose consequence could lead to heartbreak and tremendous financial loss.

The Financial Impact

As an estimate, a marriage takes up to or more than 12Lakhs to be undertaken. This is, for the middle class, a big task. Gone wrong, the entire amount spent in the marriage does not just go in vain, but there is a cloud of sadness within the family with the future of the effected family in a jeopardy. We assumed that, at a minimal cost, an undertaking of a background search before a decision on marriage, just from the financial standpoint, makes a fruitful case.

Mission of Daryafi

Our team at Daryafi brings in varied expertise to resolve the stated problems above. We are not just experts in digital forensics but also have a local team with effective network within the community across the city. Here are some of our mission points:​

No marriage should break because of misinformation.

To not let a heart break, to not let a parent’s tear roll down their blessed cheeks

We believe truth, hard facts, are important to obtain before a decision on marriage could be undertaken

We want to be one-stop solution for all marriage related background work

To provide you, all our customers, with incontrovertible truths, and enable you to become powerful as decision-makers

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