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Pre-matrimonial Islamic Session

This is a service with the intent to provide knowledge, in accordance with Islamic beliefs, for couples or individuals about to get married, on how to adhere to Islam and live a life of piety.

Daryafi has a team of highly respected scholars to design a series of sessions for you so that you are ready in the theology to know every aspect of Islam, your duties to your partner, your in-laws, and your future kids.

We have found that little mistakes, based on Islamic theology, occur not because of intent, but because of the ignorance of duties. We cover it all for you.


The process of Sessions

We understand the profile of the person to whom a session needs to be arranged (Whether it is husband, wife, or a couple)

The sessions are offered to be arranged at the place of the customer, or in Daryafi's offices.

We engage with the scholars and design 360-course sessions in alignment with your needs.

We execute the sessions and Q/A. We take your feedback and give you an opportunity to ask any doubts in the future, with a promise of attending to them.

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