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Pre-matrimonial Verification

An international study conducted, produced results as stated below:

“For a third of the participants,marriage lasted two to five years; for a quarter of them, it lasted less thanone year. 

About 20% of them stayed married for six to 10 years, 16% for 11 to 20 years, and 6% for 21 to 40 years.”

       As a comprehensive study, it summarized that the most crucial years, to avoid,divorces were between one to five years. The reasons most divorces occurred in that period was indicated as follows:

  • New tangible information obtained: Qualification, Financial Status.     
  • Undesirable Information obtained: Social Standing, Personal Habits, the presence of an extra-marital affair, domestic violence.

        With Daryafi, our goal is to provide authentic, accessible, and addressable
information pool that helps parents or individuals make informed decisions on the prospects. This would help avoid unnecessary trauma as well as financial weight of the entire ritual.

       As a team of extremely learned and driven people, we are equipped to help unearth such information for you without a high cost burden, and with complete transparency.


Daryafi’s team is also a team of digital forensics experts, with capability in unearthing information stored in an individual’s social profiles from various social media accounts. Since more than 90% of the individuals are active, those that are not married, in social networks and various public forums, it becomes necessary for us to retrieve information pertaining to build an individual’s character profile.

This profile, with our local research, is provided to you in a cumulative manner, with crisp profiling techniques.  

With more than a decade of expertise in Digital Forensics, Daryafi’s expert dig into the social profiles of the individual and analyze behavioral patterns. With this we compile a report that reflects all aspects of the individual’s personality; and an overview of what people around the individual think of him.

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